14.00-24 Sentry Tire Dureaco V2D Tread Telehandler Nonmarking Solid Pneumatic Tire and Wheel

  • Sentry Tire Kolossus Series Solid Telehandler Tires
  • Aggressive Tread allows for maximum traction and prevents excess materials from getting caught between the treads
  • Extra row of deflectors built in to maximize ride and heat release
  • Specially designed to enhance machine stability for high reach equipment
  • Tires come with heavy duty reuseable wheels for all of your industrial applications.
  • Non-Marking Tire eliminates tire markings.
14.00x24 V Tread w/ 2 Row Deflectors Non-Marking Duraeco Solid Tire

About Sentry Tire & Rubber USA

Sentry Tire and Rubber Inc., started producing V-Belts, Conveyor Belts and other rubber accessories back in the 70's. As our manufacturing knowledge and technique matured, we began producing pneumatic OTR tires and solid tires.

Today we are a global company with modern manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, China and Taiwan. With these capabilities, we are able to export a combined total of $100 million USD annually in all product segments. Our products are sold in over 25 countries worldwide and in all industries such as mining, recycling and other industrial applications.

Supported by our technical and manufacturing expertise, Sentry Tire & Rubber LLC was created in 2005 to help distribute our product in the U.S. With emphasis on quality and service, we strive to bring the two most important attributes U.S. consumers and distributors come to expect. Our team of knowledgeable professionals are dedicated to bringing the best industrial tire product to you. In addition, our engineers continue to find new ways provide product innovations to help our customers work more efficiently with less down time.

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