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Frequently Asked Questions
To learn more about our full warranty coverage, please visit our warranty page.
Quality of a foam fill tire can vary based on the brand of pneumatic tire selected to inject foam. Lower quality pneumatic tires cause side wall punctures or tread separation. This allows foam to escape from your tire casing. Refilling that foam requires down time and expensive service calls. Solid tires do not have foam leakage or tread separation issues. Even if a tire is cut by a sharp object, the tire generally can continue to operate without tire failure.
We have an extensive database of tire and wheel fitments for various machine types. Custom made to order wheel specs are also available. Please contact one of our technical representatives to help you select the right tire for your machine.
Generally solid tire can last from 2 to 4 times longer than pneumatic tires. There are many variables however that may decrease the overall life of a solid tire. High heat operating environments, rough operating surfaces, long carry distances are some examples that may reduce life. For a more detail analysis of your facility, please contact us and one of our specialist can schedule an onsite survey.
Deflectors or sometimes referred to as aperture holes are purpose holes in the side of a solid tire that are designed onto the tire for the purposes of:
- Providing a more comfortable ride by allowing some flexibility during operation which is less wear and tear on a machine.
- Creating more surface area to release heat that is built up during the operation of the tire, therefore increasing the overall life of the tire.
- Reducing operator fatigue by providing a more comfortable ride during operation.
Examples of deflectors or aperture holds please refer to our OD, SD, VD and ZD Solid Tire Patterns.
Increase machine stability, No downtime due to flats, Increase machine’s carrying capacity